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Oct 2021

Million dollar Aussie cars for all - Bench Torque #52

With so many Australian cars going under the hammer of late, new records are continually being reset.

Oct 2021

1900+hp Electric Hypercar is TOO SLOW! - Bench Torque #51

We cover some of the interesting cars upcoming for 2022 including the spicy Rimac Nevera.

Oct 2021

What is the best daily driver right now? - Bench Torque #50

Luke is in the market for a new daily driver and we need some ideas. What is the best daily driver right now?

Jul 2021

Are older cars becoming out of reach? - Bench Torque #48

Car prices are still on the up where will it end? What would Bench Torque be without a little Ford Barra and Mazda RX8 banter.

Oct 2020

Australia’s Most Expensive Car? BENCH TORQUE #43

Is COVID creating a fake pricing bubble on second-hand cars? This week in local council madness and Geordo's pet love is sold out.

Sep 2020

Are Performance cars making a comeback? BENCH TORQUE #42

Car manufacturers are finally bringing some much needed performance back into dealerships as the price of used cars goes through the roof.

Sep 2020

Have Japanese cars become unaffordable? - BENCH TORQUE #41

Quarantine life continues for us at fullBOOST. The Melbourne lockdown has no end in sight.

Sep 2020


It looks like life for fullBOOST has been quarantined for a little while as Victoria has entered stage 4 lockdown...

Aug 2020

Cheating with Nitrous - BENCH TORQUE #39

Help us find this hidden nitrous!  Is horsepower per litre relevant?

Jul 2020

Offensive cars - BENCH TORQUE #38

What are people offended by this week? Offensive number plates, government blow outs and one fast stick shift Toyota Supra.

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