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Jul 2021

Are older cars becoming out of reach? - Bench Torque #48

Car prices are still on the up where will it end? What would Bench Torque be without a little Ford Barra and Mazda RX8 banter.

Oct 2020

Australia’s Most Expensive Car? BENCH TORQUE #43

Is COVID creating a fake pricing bubble on second-hand cars? This week in local council madness and Geordo's pet love is sold out.

Sep 2020

Are Performance cars making a comeback? BENCH TORQUE #42

Car manufacturers are finally bringing some much needed performance back into dealerships as the price of used cars goes through the roof.

Sep 2020

Have Japanese cars become unaffordable? - BENCH TORQUE #41

Quarantine life continues for us at fullBOOST. The Melbourne lockdown has no end in sight.

Sep 2020


It looks like life for fullBOOST has been quarantined for a little while as Victoria has entered stage 4 lockdown...

Aug 2020

Cheating with Nitrous - BENCH TORQUE #39

Help us find this hidden nitrous!  Is horsepower per litre relevant?

Jul 2020

Offensive cars - BENCH TORQUE #38

What are people offended by this week? Offensive number plates, government blow outs and one fast stick shift Toyota Supra.

Jun 2020

Renee Gracie cashes in on new career - BENCH TORQUE #37 | fullBOOST

Are you losing sleep due to those unruly HOONS in your area?

Jun 2020

The Drag Racing Pandemic - BENCH TORQUE #36

What is happening with drag racing in Australia during this pandemic? Barra shuts down Holden (once again) and Mr Diesel himself Gale Banks gives us an engine dyno review of his own.

May 2020

Are modified cars street legal? - BENCH TORQUE #35

Are modified cars street legal? We dive into that and more on this edition of Bench Torque.

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